The Construction Health and Safety Policy and Manual are the company most comprehensive health and safety guide. It’s a must-have for the company every worker. It helps the company recognize and protect the company against construction health and safety hazard.

OAE Builder Group of company always takes all necessary steps to ensure the safety, health and well-being of all our employees. As a necessary corollary, we stand pledged to provide the necessary information and supervision in all aspect of Health and Safety as well as the protection of the Environment. As always, we will be proactive, dedicated and committed to continual improvement in order to ensure that the highest standards of Construction Safety and Health are attained…..JOSEPH LEE CHIA SZE (Managing Director)


Guided by the company motto,

“Safety Begins with You,”

The company is committed to conducting their businesses in a manner that delivers leading Health and Safety performances.

The International Labour Office has stated that health and safety at work is a basic human right. Correspondingly, the company believes that their people are the most valued assets of the Group and the safety of their employees, contractors and the public is top priority in managing the company’s businesses. The company strongly feels that employers and employees must work together in effecting health and safety guidelines in the workplace.

The various divisions of the Group play an important role in providing employees with first-hand information, involving them in preventive plans and sharing good practices in occupational health and safety.

Each employee has an individual responsibility to understand and support the company Health and Safety policies, and actively participate in the Health and Safety programs.


Health & Safety Committee

The company always emphasize and consider safety to be the most important factor. Therefore prior to commencement of a project, the company will establish a Health and Safety Committee (on which both employees and management are represented) for the purpose of keeping under review conditions in the worksite which may effects the health and safety of the worker therein or the public.  The committee aim to emphasize the important of health and safety policy where every planning should take into consideration the followings:

  1. Company’s reputation, to keep the company running it requires full attention of all members including the owner of the company towards safety.
  2. Records of low accident rate, will be an asset to promote the company.

Health & Safety Policy


  • Comply with all applicable laws and practices relating cod with OSHA & FMA
  • Guarantee to execute accident prevention at all level to achieve zero accident
  • Using and developing all available resources to increase production by implementing health and safety program
  • Always ensure a high commitment in the case of safety, healthy and goodness for worker
  • Inspect the workplace at least once a month, with the full cooperation of all parties
  • Identify situations that may be a source of danger or hazard to workers
  • Provide the appropriate personal protective tools and equipment in the workplace
  • Checked all the machines and mill in the workplace and follow the laws set forth in the Factories and
  • Machinery Regulations & Occupational Health and Safety Regulations
  • Ensure that all policies and regulations issued are followed by every worker, and the visitor who is in the workplace
  • Running the program, and training which is related to the safety and healthy in the workplace
  • Ensure that all workers are given safety information, referrals, training and adequate supervision from time to time.
  • All workers and new hires must be told and trained and shown what is expected of them in work performance, safe operation of tools and equipment, procedures around hazardous materials, and proper use of any required personal protective clothing and equipment.
  • Ensure workers have been told and shown, the location of the first aid kit or first aid station, fire alarm and exists, fire extinguishers and standpipes, emergency telephones, eyewash station, supervisor’s office, tool crib, washroom and lunchroom.
  • Provide the latest information and announcement regarding the safety and healthy rules and program for the workers and visitors


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